Back In The Fray

I’m BACK! It’s been a long hiatus, but that’s another story for another day. Life is getting even more hectic than ever…but just to allow you to catch up with me…here’s what’s been happening (or will happen soon)…

*I’ve lost 4 kgs (almost 10 pounds) in the last 2 months…I’m now leaner and meaner…and hope to stay that way

*Just attended the wildly successful “Fur” party hosted by Esther (who found her lost dog after 2 agonising weeks) and Ambrose Jose (check his rubber pants out). Anyone who was anyone was at the do, and there were cuties galore. Unfortunately, I found myself reprising my role of taxi-to-those-who-passed-out, and thus going home alone at about 6 the next morning. No regrets though.

*The former Princess of Wales, mother of that 6’1.5″ giant of a prince (William), will be arriving in Singapore on September 23rd for a gala dinner to benefit Action for AIDS. We’ve raised a bundle from this event, which will go towards subsidising anti-retroviral treatment for patients in Singapore. The Singapore government has recently pulled funding of HIV treatment of new HIV patients…this is a move that is both unethical and hypocritical. You’ll DEFINITELY hear more about this…

*My birthday’s coming up! I was going to throw a HUGE party for 600 people at a club that a friend kindly offered for my disposal, but frankly, it’s just gonna take too much energy and too much of my time to put together. The theme was going to be “Pimps and Prostitutes”, with the whole club done up as a Chinatown brothel, drag queen hookers, and free flow of booze. I think I’m going to settle for a much smaller, cosier and more personal gathering. Maybe a hundred guests or so?

*A new haircut, new look! If people ever start taking you for granted, change your image! It’s bound to get you more attention than you had before. Worked for me anyway. *shrug*

(note from 5 Jan 2007: OK now this is what I call a “historical” posting. This was pre-Princess Diana’s death, and a birthday party for 600 with a “Pimps & Prostitutes” theme? Is this a harbinger of things to come? The Singapore government ought to have caught on in 1997!)

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