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Just filled out the 2010 Singapore Census. It is amazingly progressive, allowing for reporting non-married “partners”, and same-sex ones at that. Who knew? Wonder if Singaporeans will take advantage of this or remain in the closet.

Already Dated

Just spent the last few hours upgrading to WP3.0, editing some of the code and themes, and finally hooking this thing up to my Flickr account. It’s been a pain! All I can say is there is so much room for drag-drop, plug-n-play, and a more “Apple”-ish approach to creating apps. WP is way too […]

Singapore Pride

I drafted this piece a year ago, when we were in the midst of our Repeal377A campaign. I only just found the unpublished draft as I was clearing out my old folders. It’s somehow timely to revisit what was going on 12 months ago as we approach Singapore’s 43rd National Day on 9 Aug. Proud […]