Goodbye Geocities, Hello Nosferatu

This blog was originally hosted in WestHollywood. (Hey Dorothy, isn’t that where all the gays come from? How cliche’d. GLAAD might have had something to say about that!) It’s probably a good thing I decided to copy everything out early because I certainly didn’t catch the news about Yahoo shutting down GeoCities until after the fact. Phew. (GeoCities was shutdown on 26 October 2009 – RIP)

Now some of the entries are the subject of a book by Gary Atkins called The Escape from Nosferatu: Imagining Gay Paradises in Southeast Asia (HK University Press, 2009) due out soon. The book focuses on the stories of 3 people, Walter Spies, a German painter and photographer who had an immense influence on Balinese art; Khun Toc, the enigmatic connoisseur behind the internationally renown Babylon of Bangkok; and myself. How are we all connected? You’ll have to read for yourself. Suffice to say I learnt a thing or two about my own backstory, and a whole lot more about SE Asian gay history from this very comprehensively researched tome.

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