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Work (circa 1999)

I’m currently working for the Economic Development Board of Singapore. This is a dream job for me…culminating after a 12 month-long job hunt that took me from Singapore to London/NY and back to Singapore.I overlook a portfolio of agribiotechnology companies, trying to either attract new ones to set up their operations in Singapore, or encouraging […]

Mardi Gras 1999

This year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was nothing short of wonderful. It was different from the 1997 experience for 2 reasons:1 I knew what to expect 2 Friends made all the difference Ambrose and I planned this trip as early as November 1998…and once the decision was made, we quickly settled on our […]

1998 Wrapup

Has it been another year already? What a year it’s been! This was a year of fabulous memories, hard knocks, being taken down a peg or three, and at the end of it all, I feel more alive, energised, and centered than ever before. I also have a new rule (3 actually) to live by: […]


  Play! Well, I work hard, and I play harder. Life would be ideal if one’s vocation was also one’s avocation. Wouldn’t life be a vacation then! But I’m not there (yet), so I have to set aside play-time. Well, “play” to me encompasses almost everything I do which isn’t work. I can often be […]

Back In The Fray

I’m BACK! It’s been a long hiatus, but that’s another story for another day. Life is getting even more hectic than ever…but just to allow you to catch up with me…here’s what’s been happening (or will happen soon)… *I’ve lost 4 kgs (almost 10 pounds) in the last 2 months…I’m now leaner and meaner…and hope […]

Cult of Personality

Recently, I took an online personality test which revealed me to be a 60/40 ENTP/ENFP. What does this mean? Well, accepting the limitations of the 70 question test, and according to the Keirsey/Jungian theory of personality, I am more of an Extravert, iNtuitive Perceiver, with almost equal parts Thinker and Feeler. Bleagh. Whatever. At least […]

Safer Sex – Take the shrink wrap off and have fun

Recently, there were some questions on Signel about safer sex…thought I would include my answer here just for those who might be seeking some information on the topic: The reason why I will be offering sometimes 2 different answers to the following questions is simple. The ‘official’ answer is what you will most likely read […]