Mardi Gras 1999

This year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was nothing short of wonderful. It was different from the 1997 experience for 2 reasons:1 I knew what to expect
2 Friends made all the difference

Ambrose and I planned this trip as early as November 1998…and once the decision was made, we quickly settled on our costumes for the party, and set about a very disciplined gym programme. The goal was to look stunning, and that included getting buffed and ripped. The subsequent months saw the both of us disappear from the social scene in Singapore (some actually thought I had returned to London), going to the gym at least 5, sometimes 6 times a week, and making multiple trips to the tailor’s, the cobbler’s, just to get our costumes perfect.

And it all paid off.

I don’t think the sight of 2 buff ASIAN leather/policemen is an everyday occurence. Let’s just say we got more than our fair share of attention. If you’re an attention seeker, it was heaven. Even if you’re not, it was nice.

Looking very fresh faced just before we entered the Mardi Gras party grounds
But the biggest thrill of the party this year was connecting with the friends who were there. Wherever we happened to be, we were perfectly happy with present company, dancing with perfect strangers, connecting with the groups from KL, Hong Kong, you name it. It was truly a communal and tribal experience…surreal, yet extremely affirming and uplifting for all of us who were there.

This is the type of experience that gets you hooked. It’s partially spectacle, partially connection with a larger community. It truly was amazing. Many of us are already planning to be there next year!

Oh, btw, if anyone knows who these two men in the purple tights are…please tell me.

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