Rollercoaster…then stop

It’s been a while. But then work has been nothing short of hectic. Still, I can’t really complain. It’s been educational, to say the least. People here at EDB are SHARP. And do they keep you on your toes! But it’s quite a pleasure working with super-competent people…I’ve found myself to be the slacker of the group! Rather refreshing really! In fact, on my first day at work, I had lunch with all my colleagues, and my first impression was “I’m working with Charlie’s Angels!”. Yep…the women here dress sharp, talk sharp, and shoot from the hip. Not to be messed with.

Looks like the new-look homepage has drawn quite a response. Mostly kind. Thank you. I’ve met quite a few remarkable people as a result of them reading these pages…continue writing! It’s quite a pleasure meeting like minded folk out there. Even my dear friend Frank out there in Hono. You’re a sweety. Read my palms again one of these days. =)

But most significantly, seems like I’ve found someone to walk the beach hand in hand again. He’s quite special…someone I’ve had my eye on for more than a year, but always been too shy to make a move. The last couple of months have been an emotional rollercoaster with this guy, was he interested, or was he not? Were we dating, or were we not? Why wouldn’t he return my calls? Why was he still calling if we weren’t supposed to be going out. You know the same old thing. Confusion, silly irrational thoughts…all in the name of, dare I say it?

Seems like the rollercoaster has stopped for a while. I think this one’s gonna be a special one. He’s everything I never knew I was looking for. Jaded old me is still learning lessons, it seems. I’m dating someone younger than me for the first time. Weird…but it took probably 1/2 a day to get used to the idea. Helps that we both share common friends…so no need to worry if our friends like one another. He’s smart, funny, loving, gorgeous. It’s been brilliant. 

Been going up to Kuala Lumpur lots in the past few weeks to party with my new friends…the incomparable CNNi. Lorraine Hahn, Marina Kamimura, May Lee, Connie Chung, Aisyeh Namdar…you all know who you are. I love you to death. When the Singaporeans party with the KL boys, watch out!

Millenium’s coming up, and I think most of my friends are booked to go to Bali for the festivities. In the meantime, I’m also back to my party-throwing ways, and launching a new club called TRANS/it with my friends Aamer and Hwee Ling. It’s the first Saturday night gay venue EVER in Singapore. Glad to be the one responsible for all the fun. =)

No pictures this time, since I’m penning this from work. Keep signing the guestbook….I really read the entries! And stay beautiful. Do what you wanna do, and be honest with those around you. And drink 8 glasses of water a day. 



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